In collaboration with our partner companies, we offer sales, marketing, and after-sales service support.
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By staying abreast of both domestic and global real estate and investment trends, we serve as your strategic partner with the appropriate expertise in your projects.
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For your projects to achieve their maximum potential, all the services you need are provided at Trem Turkey.
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Property and portfolio management
Trem Turkey offers a 'Comprehensive Support' partnership to real estate agencies, providing support in sales, marketing, and after-sales services to the companies it collaborates with.
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Trem Turkey, accurate Project Management Property Management
We offer a comprehensive range of services to eliminate project constraints, unlock its potential, present it accurately, and market it in the most effective manner.
Project Sales & Marketing Management

Property and Portfolio Management

All marketing solutions your housing brands need under one roof
Trem Turkey Comprehensive Support Services
Sales Organization Management
Our professional team offers support in areas such as market research, risk analysis, sales management, and budgeting.
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Accommodation & Transfer Services
During the sales process, we arrange project visits and ensure transportation and accommodation services are provided in a comfortable and luxurious manner.
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Legal Consultancy Services
Having a partner who diligently follows legal procedures is crucial. Our team of legal experts oversees and provides support for all legal transactions related to your projects.
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Architectural Services
To fulfill all your architectural requirements, we offer design, visualization, material procurement, and implementation services for your projects.
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Corporate Agency Services
For your project, we arrange introduction and launch meetings, enhancing its visibility through a range of digital and traditional marketing services.
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Sales Team Training
In order to unlock the potential of your sales team, we offer training to your staff utilizing experience and appropriate resources.
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Property Leasing Services
We're breaking down the barriers of property leasing for our partners. We evaluate your property, facilitate the initial lease, and oversee the process.
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Income and Expense Tracking Services
For both individual and corporate clients, we eliminate the boundaries of profitable investment by managing the income and expense statement.
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Leasing + Budget Tracking
We facilitate property management for both individual and corporate clients by handling the initial lease and income-expense tracking.
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